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What happens during surgery?

How Does LASIK Work?

Laser vision correction works by changing the shape of the cornea, the clear membrane which covers the front of the eye.

  • A myopic eye has corneal curvature that is too steep and light comes to focus in front of the retina (like the film in the camera).
  • A hyperopic eye has corneal curvature that is too flat and light wants to focus behind the retina.
  • An astigmatic eye has an oval-shaped cornea instead of a spherical one where the eye is shaped more like a football than a basketball and there are two points of focus of the light.

What happens during surgery?

The LASIK laser follows your individual treatment plan to cause corneal tissue to be evaporated in a non-thermal manner. A steep cornea is flattened by removing a little tissue from its center. A flat cornea is steepened by removing tissue from around its periphery. An oval cornea is tilted at a specific angle so the laser is targeted to remove that excess tissue causing the oval shape.

Anesthetic eye drops are used to numb the eyes and you are helped to relax with the use of Valium. You may feel pressure when the corneal flap is created. Immediately following surgery, you might experience a “sandy” feeling, sensitivity to light, or watering of the eyes which typically lasts only a few hours. Dryness of the eyes is expected afterward and you will have moisturizing eye drops to be used as needed.

Your vision improvement is immediate and dramatic. The side effects will gradually fade over three to four months and you will have a series of follow-up visits so Dr. Golden can make sure no problems arise.

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