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LASIK and Your Lifestyle

The decision to undergo LASIK surgery can be made for any number of different reasons. A vast majority of these reasons, however, revolve around being less dependent on contacts or glasses to correct your vision. While LASIK does not promise perfect vision, you will see a dramatic improvement to your vision that will enhance your lifestyle in ways that you may not have even thought possible.

Enjoy Life Without the Hassles of Contacts and Glasses

Decreasing your dependency on corrective lenses will not only make your life easier and get rid of one more hassle, but it will also keep you and those around you safer:

  • Athletes: Whether you are a professional athlete or simply a sports enthusiast, decreasing your dependency on glasses and contacts will help increase your performance and decrease your risk of an eye injury or the loss of a contact while engaging in your sport of choice.
  • Parents: For parents with young children, LASIK surgery can decrease your anxiety by helping you to keep a better watch over your kids and make the late nights go by easier without having to search for your glasses in the dark.
  • Commuters: For frequent travelers or those who spend a lot of time driving to and from work, LASIK surgery offers a number of advantages. Better natural eyesight will keep you and the drivers around you safer.
  • Accident-prone people: Count how many times you have sat on your glasses or lost a contact lens and you may be more inclined to get LASIK surgery. When you depend on corrective lenses to be able to function in the world, these incidents can cause a severe amount of stress and turn what should be enjoyable times into frustrating experiences.

Potential Changes to Your Lifestyle

Despite having many advantages, there may be certain lifestyle changes you may have to make after LASIK surgery. A common side effect of this operation is dry eyes, so you may want to carry around eye drops, especially immediately after your surgery. For the first few weeks after surgery we recommend that you wear full UV protection for your eyes, and after that it will be more important to make sure that you don't expose your eyes to any direct sunlight. This can potentially reverse the effects of your LASIK surgery. You will also need to avoid any swimming until your eyes have fully healed.

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