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Treatment for Eye Diseases and Disorders
in Chicago

Eye Disorders can involve a natural weakening of the eye function or a corruption to the structure of the eye from trauma induced by illness or accident. Mild eye disorders can be as simple as an allergic reaction to dust and pollen or a burning sensation when your eyes are tired. Other disorders can affect your ability to see clearly at a distance or close up.

Refractive Disorders

A refractive disorder of the eye means that your eye does not bend light correctly so the images you see are blurry. Initially, you may wear glasses just when reading. As the disorder progresses, you might find yourself wearing contacts or glasses all the time. Using state-of-the-art laser vision correction technology like LASIK and PRK, we are able to correct the following types of refractive disorders:

While any of these forms of eye disorders can be bothersome, most will not be considered dangerous to your eye health. The most serious types of eye disorders are diseases of the eye that, if left untreated, can lead to severe visual impairment or blindness.

Diseases of the Eye

As you age, your eye health gradually changes and you become more susceptible to diseases of the eye such as:

Regular eye exams can detect these problems before they get too serious. In many cases, Dr. Golden will be able to correct the eye disorder or disease and preserve or even improve your visual acuity. For example, if you suffer from cataracts, a clouding of the lens of the eye, lens replacement surgery is available.

If you are diabetic, the best way to prevent diabetic retinopathy is to keep your blood sugar and blood pressure within normal ranges. Maintaining your overall health will be extremely beneficial to your eye health, as well.

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Helping you understand how your eyes work and how to keep them healthy is just one part of what we do during your regular eye exams. If you live in Chicago, Arlington Heights or Downtown Chicago and have concerns about your vision, please contact Doctors for Visual Freedom to schedule your consultation today.

Eye Disorders can involve a natural weakening of the eye function or a corruption to the structure of the eye.