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Treatment of Dry Eye Disease

What can I do?

Take note of your symptoms and where and when they occur. This will be helpful information to pass along to us. Factors to consider include the amount of time you spend at a computer, whether you use ceiling fans, sleep patterns, caffeine intake, exposure to smoke, and whether you wear contacts.

There are some easy ways you may be able to give your aching eyes some relief:

  • Take breaks during extended computer time
  • Make sure your computer monitor is at or below eye level
  • Discontinue ceiling fan use or decrease the speed
  • Consider a humidifier instead of a fan
  • Try to increase sleep time
  • Reduce or stop smoking
  • Decrease caffeine intake to four or fewer beverages per day
  • Talk to your eye doctor about contact lens wearing time, type of lens, etc.



Drinking lots of water and eating healthily can help improve a dry eye condition.

Studies have found that omega-3 oils—found in walnuts, tuna, and salmon—are beneficial for both dry eyes and overall health. Any disease is best approached from the inside-out, so talk to our Accredited Dry Eye Center at Doctors for Visual Freedom about nutritional supplements that may be right for you.


The glands along the eyelids can get clogged with bacteria, makeup residue, and other debris from daily life. Here are a few tips for lid hygiene to help ease dry eye symptoms:

  • Warm Compresses: Soak a clean washcloth with hot water, roll the washcloth, and hold it in contact with both eyelids until the cloth cools. Reheat the cloth and repeat this process for at least five minutes.
  • Lid Washing: After warm compresses, lightly wash the eyelashes and eyelids with your eyes closed, using a mild soap diluted in one capful of water—baby shampoo works well for this. You can do this with your fingers or a soft washcloth.


There are many over-the-counter dry eye drops and ointments to choose from at your local grocery store or pharmacy. However, choosing a treatment based on convenience or price can lead harsh preservatives and chemicals that may worsen your condition.

Contact our experienced ophthalmologists at Doctors for Visual Freedom for full consultation and treatment to properly relieve your dry eyes.