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Dry Eye Treatment
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What are dry eyes?

The outer layer of the cornea is covered with a layer of tears that evens out irregularities allowing for a perfect surface. When that layer is damaged in some way, the eye can be uncomfortable and the vision blurry. The incidence of dry eyes increases with age. Those with dry eyes either are not able to produce enough tears or the tears will be of poor quality. Dry eye syndrome is common and may affect up to 20% of the United States population.

A wide variety of problems can cause dry eyes including medications, a variety of systemic diseases, environmental factors and laser vision correction to name only a few. Surprisingly, many eye doctors fail to treat or treat inadequately patients with symptoms of dry eyes. The Doctors For Visual Freedom Dry Eye Center of Excellence was established to address these problems.

We start with a careful history to find associated causes of your dry eyes followed by a step-wise approach to treatment. Your doctor will accurately diagnose the cause of your dry eyes and institute a treatment regimen customized for you.

Tears are made with more than just water. They are a combination of water, lipids, electrolytes, proteins and constituents that fight bacteria. Tears drain into ducts found in the inner corner of the upper and lower eyelids, which then drain into the nose.

Symptoms of dry eyes include a dry or sandy feeling. Irritation such as grittiness or foreign body sensation can also occur. Excessive watering of the eyes can be the sign of a lack of a quality tear and may be more common in a windy environment.

Doctors For Visual Freedom Dry Eye Center of Excellence

The most common complaint of patients in an eye doctor’s practice is that of dry eyes. At Doctors For Visual Freedom, we work hard to help those with such problems. We take the time to understand the pattern of your problem. Is it worse in the morning or worse later in the day? Do you have medical issues causing your dry eyes? Has surgery made your dry eyes worse?

We can help with dry eyes and you do not need to suffer. Call the office to schedule an appointment and get relief fast.

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