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cosmetic procedures
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We are all interested in improving and maintaining an attractive appearance. Our available cosmetic treatments are low risk and high result investments. Choosing a skilled ophthalmologist like Dr. Mark Golden gives you confidence you will achieve the results you seek. Our cosmetic treatments can reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, leaving you with a more youthful and attractive outlook.

BOTOX® Cosmetic

BOTOX® Cosmetic is best known as an effective means of softening and relaxing contracting facial muscles that cause unseemly wrinkles. When your muscle is injected with BOTOX® Cosmetic, it no longer receives the nerve signal to contract.

One BOTOX® Cosmetic treatment can last anywhere from four to six months, but the muscle memory may cause a more permanent effect resulting in less severe muscle contractions over time. The treatment is typically complete in a few minutes with mild discomfort to the injected muscle.

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As we age, our skin loses elasticity, and the actions of our facial muscles begin to create wrinkles and creases. The hyaluronic acid that is naturally present in your skin maintains the hydration and volume of your tissues. In medicine, this substance has been used to alleviate joint pain and treat wounds. Hyaluronic acid was first used for facial rejuvenation in Europe in 1996. The hyaluronic acid in JUVÉDERM® works by adding volume to your skin, thereby reducing the evidence of folds and fine lines.

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The use of prescription LATISSE® is proven to produce longer and fuller eyelashes as well as promote eyelash growth. Results can be seen gradually within weeks and full results are achieved anywhere from eight to sixteen weeks. Using a sterile applicator, LATISSE® is applied daily directly to your lashes on the upper eyelid. No surgery is needed and LATISSE® is FDA approved as a medically safe procedure.

Chicago, Buffalo Grove, Arlington Heights and Downtown Chicago residents have made Doctors for Visual Freedom their choice for cosmetic treatments in BOTOX® Cosmetic, LATISSE® and Juvederm™.

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Dr. Golden has been injecting fillers into the face to help people look younger for more than a decade. Fillers can be used diminish facial lines and restore volume and fullness to the face. They fill shallow contours, soften facial creases, add volume to cheeks, and plump thin lips. With injectable fillers, you can look more youthful look for a fraction of the cost of a surgical facelift. Treatments generally take less than 30 minutes and results can last from a year to two or more.

The objective of fillers is to look better but not have the appearance of having had fillers. Patients have the opportunity to watch as fillers are applied so that they can make a judgment as to the amount to achieve the appropriate contour of the face. Our patients tell us that their friends and spouses say that they look younger or more rested, but typically no one knows unless told they are told that fillers were applied. A natural appearance is important to Dr. Golden and if you want exaggeration of expression or huge lips, you should look elsewhere for care.

BOTOX® Cosmetic injections relax the muscle under a wrinkle, but fillers can fill the deep creases or lines on the face causing trouble spots to nearly disappear. Fillers are used to plump and lift cheeks, jawlines and temples as well as eliminating deep creases not amenable to BOTOX® Cosmetic treatments quickly and easily.

SkinMedica® Products

At Doctors For Visual Freedom we believe everyone deserves to have radiant skin. That's why we've picked the SkinMedica® line of advanced skin care products that rejuvenate skin. As skin ages, elasticity decreases and lines appear. Their scientifically proven recovery compounds include essential ingredients ranging from vitamins C and E to retinol to TNS®—a patented blend of growth factors, soluble collagen, antioxidants and matrix proteins. The impact is clear beautiful skin. All SkinMedica® products come with an absolute guarantee—use to the last drop and if you are not fully satisfied, bring it back for a full refund. That’s how confident we are about our products.

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