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Computer Vision Syndrome Treatment
in Chicago

Eye Strain and Computer Vision Syndrome

Staring at a computer screen has become a big part of many people’s workday. Staring at the computer for many hours can lead to eye strain. Eye strain associated with computer work has been named Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS). CVS is not a single eye problem but rather involves a wide range of eye strain and pain associated with sitting and staring a computer for hours at a time.

As many as 90% of people who work at computers will have discomfort and some type of eye problem. Children can also have CVS when staring at a computer or when playing computer games.

Some of the issues with CVS involve poor posture, lack of movement and already present conditions can be worsened due to the fact that you blink less when concentrating on a computer screen.

Eye strain is an all-encompassing term that includes discomfort of the eyes from use. Many people develop dry eyes because of decreased blinking. Others may benefit from a change of glasses so that the eyes do not have to work so hard to see at the appropriate distance.

Lubricating tear drops are commonly prescribed for those with eye strain. Specific glasses designed for use with the computer have been a benefit to some, as they widen your field of vision and the focal point for the glasses can be specifically designed for the working distance found at your computer.

For all computer users, Dr. Golden suggests you close your eyes for 10 seconds every fifteen minutes and look in the distance for 10 seconds every fifteen minutes. Once every thirty minutes, he suggests that all should stand and stretch for 30 seconds.